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Home Health News

PURETETM Candle and Aroma-Pillars (bottom page)

PureteTM Candles- Take a bite out of Bacteria!

CandlesEtcetera's line of Home Health candles. As shown by the research of a team in the UK, candles made with these essential oil's, can help "to remove bacteria from the air" also giving you get aroma-therapy too! While the research is not finished-and still being conducted- Candlesetc. feels that any item that can help us stay healthy (based on UK research not us) is a benefit. We love the idea of essential oil candles helping with bacteria in the air- we offer this not as fact-(research is ongoing)but rather a way for those who accept that candles may help.

To read the full story see Candle News.PureteTM candles are made with 100% pure uncut essential oils - no dyes. Purete Oils are Eucalyptus or Thyme or Orange see descriptions .

For EO Safety precautions please read SAFETY Questions- email us at Customer Service

frosted purete
larger image
PureteTM Candle
Frosted Tumbler with lid -9oz (we are not including the bag or box-saving you money (12.50 with box/Bag)


purete candle
larger image
PureteTM Candle
Beautiful Aqua Colored Tin 8oz


Essential Oil Pillar Candles-Color's available. Scents-PureteTM Candle, Lavender & Relief essential oil. See scents for info

purete candle
larger image
new gifEssential Oil Pillar 3x4 or 3x6
Crystal Wax-Aromatherapy
$11.00 to 16.50

Choose Color -


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CandlesEtcetera is not responsible for any effects associated with EO candles . CandlesEtcetera shall not be responsible for any injuries, damages or losses of any kind due to your use of any product purchased from CandlesEtcetera. In any case, our maximum liability to you is the amount you paid for the product. Your purchase from CandlesEtcetera signifies your acceptance of the aforementioned information and policies.

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