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If you see a scent here and not on the list (pull down)- just add to the message area -We will let you know by email the changes Also we are great at mixing your favorites- or creating a scent just for you- please just email us or call and ask.

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AromaScents - These are fragrances which are reputed to have favorable effects on mood and emotions.(ie: Aromatherapy)not Essential Oils.

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7up POUND CAKE - The aroma of buttery pound cake with notes of vanilla and almond, with top notes of 7 up, brown sugar and roasted pecans.
AQUA(ACQUA)DI GIO-type - A refreshing, flowery fragrance with a blend of citrus notes, rosemary, jasmine, sweet pea. Lovely.
AFRICAN MUSK- A classic, musks with a subtle hint of patchouli, softened with sweet sandalwood and delicate roses. NOTE: African Musk is subtle and is not meant to be an overpowering fragrance so that it remains true to the early original..
AMARETTO- sweet,rich  Vanilla nut smothered in cherry liquer- smells like almond liquor.
AMBER- Reminiscent of the divine scent of ambergris, a sweet layered scent, with spicy, earthy rich undertones.AROMASCENT
AMBER MUSK- the sweetness of amber blended with the complex notes of musk. AROMASCENT
AMBER ROMANCE (VS)- a seduction of warm alluring blends of black cherry, creme anglaise and sandalwood. AROMASCENT
AMBER SENSUAL- golden pieces of amber, exotic musk and hints of creamy vanilla with a dash of lemon and mandarin orange. Very sexy and seductive. AROMASCENT
AMBER SUNSETS- A warm inviting fragrance with woody accents and top notes of soothing mandarin. AROMASCENT
AMRIGE- type -Sharp, oriental, floral fragrance, violet, mimosa, soft sweet spices, and orange flowers - fresh fruit notes. Stunning.
ANAIS ANAIS-TYPE-Cacharel classic -- a refreshing, flowery fragrance, cedar, leather, and blooming fresh cut flowers -- hints of gardenia, jasmine, and lily of the valley AROMASCENT
ANGEL-(F)type- Thiery Mugler- A sweet white flower bouquet with hints of citrus enhanced by an undertone of exotic fruits on a dry down of patchouli, sandalwood and musks.This scent is a modern day classic.
ANGEL-(M)type- Thiery Mugler- Classified as a sharp, oriental, woody scent, this interpretation of Thierry Mugler's famous scent will captivate as well with notes of mint, coffee, caramel, lavender, and tar.
ANGEL FOOD CAKE- Airy aroma of fresh-baked angel food cake with a light base note of almond.
ANGEL WINGS-celestial bouquet features green and fruity notes straight from the Garden of Eden.
ANTIQUE SANDALWOOD-A woody, musky heart made from sustainably harvested sandalwood and cedarwood essential oils, softened with subtle notes of violet and jasmine.This fragrance oil contains natural essential oils including Cedarwood, Patchouli and Sandalwood..
APPLE ORCHARD- A strong apple with leafy greens. Tantalizing.
APPLE BERRY SPICE- sweet fragrant apple blossoms with berries off the vine.Fabulous scent and strong.
APPLE BLOSSOMS- sweet fragrant apple blossoms.Fabulous scent and strong.
APPLE CINNAMON SPICE- There's nothing more pleasing to the senses than apples and cinnamon rounded out with warm spices.!  Always a top seller. 
APPLE JACK PEEL-(Clair Burke) type-Green semi-floral bouquet of apple & spices with a sweet background.

APRICOT SLICES- Fresh apricots, bursting with the delicate fragrance.
AQUAMARINE TYPE- A Watery Fresh Floral with a hint of Citrus followed by a Light Floral Bouquet of Lavender, Jasmine and Rose and finished with a Clean Mauget and Violet.
AQUOLINA PINK SUGAR-VS type-Sweetness, sugary lemon drops and pink cotton candy. A fruity floral mixed with red fruit, fig leaves, caramel and raspberry rounds out with a quiet and sweet vanilla musk . Simply Delightful and Strong.
ARABIAN NIGHTS- You will not find this scent anywhere else. Amber,Ylang Ylang and a sweet Sandalwood combine for a mysterious aroma. Relaxing, sexy and just plain fabulous.
ARAMIS (M)-TRUE TO THE ORIGINAL- very nice......
ASIAN AMBER-A calming yet potent tincture of earthy amber and exotic asian herbs.
ASIAN PLUM-A combination of Plum, Orchid, Daffodil, Jasmine, Musk and Vanilla- beautiful fragrance.
ASPEN WINTER- Cool and refreshing and uplifting- that is what comes to mind- balsam, mint and cool air-great for winter time.
AUTUMN APPLE-Bring the harvest indoors with the enticing aroma of crisp, fall apples.
AUTUMN SPICE APPLE- fresh apples, spices and a hint of crumbs makes this fragrance a true Fall/Thanksgiving feast.

BABY MAGIC-type-Remnisant of the true baby magic lotion and powder.Fresh and Clean!
BABY POWDER-Soft and delicate baby powder. Very Stong.
BADEDAS *SPA type- A fresh invigorating blend of lavender, fir, lemon and eucalyptus enhanced with orange zests and "cut grass" on a dry down of cedar wood and Tonka beans.Used in european spa's.AROMASCENT
BANANA-A true banana.Ripe!!!
BANANA NUT BREAD-Banana's, nuts and the sweet bread make this a delightful and strong scent.
BASIL HERB- Garden fresh basil, with undertones of moss.
BAYRUM- A centuries' old and traditional fragrance, our Bay Rum has the sharpness of bay leaves and the full-bodied, but softened scent of rum. Spices, enhanced by orange peels and eucalyptus leaves round out this complex scent.
BAYBERRY- Bayberry is popular for the holiday season. It is a classic fresh winter fragrance.They say, 'A bayberry candle burned all the way down brings good luck and wealth".
BAYBERRY SPICE-Our bayberry spice is true bayberry with alspice.They say, 'A bayberry candle burned all the way down brings good luck and wealth". .
BEAUTIFUL (F)type-A sharp, flowery fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of blooming fresh cut flowers, rose, jasmine, and carnation. Accompanied by fruity notes of fresh citrus, melons, peaches and plums
BERRIES & BULGARIAN ROSE BAIS TYPE-the most popular candle scent by Diptyque is noted here in our elite composition of rose, berries, currants, mild spices, greens that yield a refreshingly classy upscale fragrance..
BIRTHDAY CAKE- VERY TRUE- butter cream frosting on yellow cake.
BLACK CURRANT- If you love red currant- this is a must have. An enticing aroma of black currants. Fresh, sharp and fabulous.
BLACK CHERRY- Vine ripened cherries-picked at the peak of season. Full bodied 
BLACK ORCHIDA black orchid scent true to its counterpart. Alluring and mysterious. One of our new favorites.
BLACK RASPBERRY VANILLA-type-Raspberry and vanilla. A perfect blend.
BLACKBERRY- A tart succulent true blackberry. The wonderful aroma of fresh picked and drippping juices of the blackberry. 
BLACKBERRY SAGE- A Spectacular Fragrance! This is fast becoming our most popular fragrance.Rich blackberries intertwined with the earthy and green aroma of fresh cut Sage.AROMASCENT
BLISSFUL BLACKBERRY-sweet blackberry and soft florals. A true match to the Bath & Body Works fragrance.
BLUEBERRY- A sweet true blueberry- snatched from the bush at the peek of perfection. 
BLUEBERRY FIELDS-Blueberry's surrounded by the lush greens of the bush. Fabulous

BLUEBERRY MUFFINS- This scrumptious scent is just simply delightful. Rich blueberries with creamy vanilla notes and a fresh baked mufin. Smells very true -almost good enough to eat. :) 
BLUE NILE-beautiful scent that's very popular all over the world. Blended with delightful, fresh and exotic gardenia notes from the tropics and the Far East.
BLUE SPRUCE-FIR TREE-This fragrance is true to the blue spruce tree- invigorating

BLACK ORCHID-A black orchid scent true to its counterpart. Alluring and mysterious. One of our new favorites.
BLACK RASPBERRY VANILLA-type-Raspberry and vanilla. A perfect blend.
BODY BY VICTORIA VS TYPE-Top notes: crushed leaves, freesia, mandarin. Middle notes: water hyacinth, cucumber, stephanotis. Drydown: white musk, sandalwood.

BOURBON- Full of liquor, with woods is the best way to describe this one. Strong!!!.

BRIDAL BOUQUET- The wonderful aroma of staphanotis, babies breath and white roses- soft, sexy and fragrant.
BUMP & GRIND Tendy urban fragrance with some noticible citrus top notes. This fragrance is classified as a fresh scent with sparkling notes that refresh.
BURBERRY-type (M)-citrus blend with a background of woody notes of sandalwood, underlined by cedar and the exotic teakwood. This scent is different... not the heavy woodsy scent you might expect,pleasant, and charming.
BURMESE WOOD- TYPE-Blend of cedar, patchouli, amber and musk

BUTT NAKED- Silly name we know - An array of tropical fruits enhanced with the clean scent the tropics. A fresh, exciting and tropical scent.
BUTTER RUM CAPPUCCINO-Well the name says it all.Dark Cappuccino with a splash of warm buttery Rum. MMMMMMM!
BUTTERFLY KISSESA sensuous blend of sweet, ripe, wild strawberries accented with creamy vanilla and sensual musk.

BUTTERSCOTCH-Remember the butterscotch candies- this is it! Love butterscotch? This is the best we have come across

CK1 -TYPE-Fresh light unisex fragrance with a blend of fruits and jasmine, green tea and amber make this CK-1 interpretation favorite perfect.
CABERNET SOUVIGNON Wine-sweet aroma of wild grapes enhanced with hints of strawberries with a light alcoholic background.
CACTUS AND SEA SALTan oceanic accord has tones of cactus with fresh green elements- top note that accents the fragrance signature of fresh sea spray. Unexpected salty accents while elements of sea moss and warm driftwood create rich undertones .

CALABRIAN BERGAMOT AND VIOLET-BEAUTIFUL SCENT- The lavish floral heart pairs sweet bergamot and delicate violet with no perfume undertones - it's a fresh, gentle breeze from a lush oasis

CAMPFIREexactly as it sounds- woods with hints of the fire

CANDY CANE- Succulent strawberries and cool peppermint. Santa's favorite treat, besides the sugar cookies! Great all year. 
CANNABIS-MARY JANE-realistic cannabis/pot aroma- straight from the green plant...this is the one! Our cannabis/pot scent is so realistic it should be outlawed. Wonderful and relaxing. Always a top seller!
CANNABIS-CURED-As a compliment to our Cannabis fragrance oil, which smells like the plant, this oil is a dead on duplication of freshly cured bud. Wonderful and relaxing. Always a top seller!
CANTALOUPE-As fresh a the fruit- clean and crisp

CANTALOUPE AND MELONSFresh cantaloupe and ripe melons for a wonderful summer mix,

CAPPUCCINO-A rich strong fresh-brewed coffee with a creamy froth topped with sugar.

CARRIBEAN COOL- Ah! those cool nights- combined with scents of fresh fruit and melons -delightful mix
CARESSS-A european fragrance- that is sure to please. Spicy, warm oriental fragrance- this scent is semi-sweet, yet musky with a floral for added twist.!
CASHMERE MIST (W) type-A sexy interpretation of Donna Karan's fragrance -- a refreshing, woody, arid fragrance, fresh floral jasmine, sandalwood & vanilla. Great for weddings.
CEDARWOOD-The warm, earthy scent of cedar.
CHAI TEA-This is a delightful chai tea. Relaxing.Classic blend of green teas with peach notes, underlined by hints of ginger and black pepper. Delicate, Soft and Beautiful! .
CHAMOMILE TEA-Wow- we finally have a chamomile we love. Relaxing, soothing and calming. A great get away from stress. AROMASCENT
b>CHAMPA ORIENTAL- Earthy and strong. Champa flowers combine with oriental spices for a one of kind fragrance. Simply wonderful!
CHAMPAGNE-You won't get the bubbles with this scent, that can be easily blended with your favorite's.  
CHANEL CHANCE-(F) type-this scent is an exact dupe of NEW Coco Chanel Fragrance.Beautiful
CHARDONNAY WINE-Ripe fruits, a touch of oak and sparkling, crisp grape, just like the fine white wine.
CHERISH-TYPEa perfume type. You can barely detect a dry down of powder mixed with a slight musk. There is a lime/citrus top note with different light florals such as lavender, rose, hyacinth and wisteria. ...this oil is fabulous - lighter than some but very fragrant.
CHINA RAIN-type- Popular for its airy freshness and softness, contains soft, subtle hints of classic lily of the valley and hyacinth with traditional oriental jasmine, vanilla, rose, and ylang ylang notes. This fragrance has a soft powdery dry down.
CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES-Delicious deep chocolate smothered on strawberries. MMMMMMM!
CHOCOLATE DELIGHT-Truly sinful, this decadent masterpiece of chocolates is deep, rich, sexy and will make you crave Godiva.
CHRISTMAS CABERNET-Cabernet fragrance of ripe red and black grapes, fruits, cassis and cedar. Blended slightly with just a hint of Christmas cheer!
CHRISTMAS DAY- A true norfolk pine scent with greenery!No chemical smell here!
CHRISTMAS EVE type- is a delightful year round scent that is sure to fill the air with magic.Imagine sugar plums and pine blended with soft spice notes to create a warm and cozy feeling.
CHRISTMAS FANTASY'S-Smells like a combination of ribbon candy, spiced tea, a hint of cinnamon and a flower shop at Christmas.
CHRISTMAS MEMORIES - All of the momories of the holiday season. Spices and creams with a touch of vanilla. One you'll just love to burn!

CHRISTMAS MULBERRY-Blend of woods, spices, fruits and flowers made to enhance the Christmas spirit.
CHRISTMAS PINE-Comforting scents of Christmas fill the air. Fir tree mixed with fresh pine needles and woody cedar complete this Christmas classic.
CHRISTMAS SPLENDORWarm nights, with just the right amount of spices, cinnamon and fruit with the added touch of pine needles.
CHRISTMAS TREE/PINE TREE-A true christmas tree pine scent. Not lysol.
CILANTRO-An herbal delight, Top notes are sweet and green with nuances of melon.
CINNABERRY-A festive blend of two classic aromas - cinnamon & bayberry.
CINNAMON- Warm cinnamon- great scent . 
CINNAMON BUNS-A baked cinnamon bun with spicy cinnamon top notes, milky-sweet middle notes and a caramelized sugary base note.
CINNAMON RED HOTS- Hot and full bodied cinnamon kissed with the sweetness of candy- A red hots rendition. 
CINNAMON SPICEe- Spice rack blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove & allspice.
CINNAMON STYKS- Hot and full bodied cinnamon styks. 
CITRONELLA A true bug repellent! Not a favorite scent of the bugs- Keeps them at bay!
CITRONELLA-w/ LEMON-LAVENDER-GARDEN MINT- Outdoor bug repellent with fresh lemon or lavender or garden mint scents. Lemon/Lavender/mint is a natural repellent. 
NOTE* Citronella can be mixed with any other fragrance- will cut down the citronella and still be a bugs worst enemy! Such as Lavender, lemon, mint .
CITRUS SAGE- Cool, refreshing with the earthy green aroma of fresh sage. A great pick-me-up. Great room freshner too.AROMASCENT
CLOVE-Like a freshly crushed clove bud. Delightful. Great for eliminating odors.
CLOVER FIELDS ALOE- A clean and fresh scent. Like clover fields(green) with the clean scent of herbal aloe.
COOL CITRUS BASIL (BBW type)-A fresh citrus floral blend enhanced by nuances of fresh green basil and cool cucumber."Cool,refreshing.AROMASCENT
COOL WATER (M)- Classic Davidoff fragrance. Refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance, jasmine, musk oakmoss, and sandalwood.
COOL WATER (F)- Classic Davidoff fragrance for women, a sharp and flower scent with citrus, pineapple, and woody notes embraced by the scent of the pure ocean breezes
COCONUT LIME VERBENA-BBW type- very nice and lovely.
COTTON BLOSSOM-typeA fresh clean blend of cotton, mandarin blossoms, freesia and peonies.
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COUNTRY LINEN-type(clothes line)- Clean, like freshly dried Clothes outdoors -Reminiscent of the fragrance of the original Downy fabric softener.

CRANBERRY -Our cranberry is tart with semi-sweet undertones. Refreshing.
CREME BRULE-Creme Brulee is a French dessert & smells like a wonderful caramel vanilla and chocolate.
CUCUMBER This one smells like it was freshly sliced. Looking for a true smelling cucumber scent, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.
CUCUMBER CANTALOPE-type-Fresh crisp cucumber mixed with juicy cantalope for a refreshing and tantalizing change to the normal cucumber..
CUCUMBER LAVENDER-Fresh cucumber combines with teh soft allure of lavender for a one of a kind scent.AROMASCENT
CUCUMBER LILY-Fresh cucumber with the essense of blooming lilys- softAROMASCENT
CUCUMBER MELON (type)- Fresh and clean Cucumber blended with sweet succulent Melons. A Wonderfully refreshing fragrance. An olde time favorite.
DAFFODIL GARDEN-A true representation of the delightful and delicate blooming flower.Strong with hints of green leaves
DARK CHOCOLATE-Gourmet dark chocolate. A chocolate lovers dream.
DOGWOOD-BLOOMING- The BEST Dogwood scent!  Dogwood is a beautiful tree that flowers with white or pink blossoms in the spring,and red berries in the fall and winter.  A semi-sweet floral fragrance!
DRAGONS TEARS- Sensual is not a term we use lightly- this is a lighter version of its counter part.Smells like a new age store- not overpowering. Less heavy on the patchouli and amber AROMASCENT
DRAGONS BREATH-BLOOD- Exotic,and mysterious are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing this extremely sophisticated scent . It's moody, warm and very sensual with touches of amber, incense and a tiny hint of patchouli making the this fragrance something special. (Also Known as Dragons Blood) AROMASCENT
DRAAKAR type-(M)- Spicy bergamot, lavender, oak moss and woods- very sensual and inviting.A rendition of the perfume.
ECHINACEA- A perfect calming scent.Very True. AROMASCENT
EGYPTIAN MUSK-OH BABE! The best Egyptian Musk we have ever had. We are proud of this one.
ELDERBERRY WINE- Made from the tart fresh elderberry and a dark rich merlot wine. Strong & Fabulous!
ENCHANTED FOREST-This is an earthy scent to fill you with the smells of nature and stately woods. Discreetly bountiful, mystical, and full of fresh, outdoor undertones.
EUCALYPTUS- An invigorating blend of camphoraceous woods make up this true powerhouse.AROMASCENT
EUCALYPTUS MINT- An invigorating blend of the eucalyptus leaves, combined with a hintof mint to make this a real treat.AROMASCENT
FENG SHUI-FIRE-For fiery romance to bring revitalization back into your life, rich intense white florals kissed with velvety mimosa and livened with light citrus and melons. GREAT FOR FIRE CURES.
FIELDS OF GRASS-type Refreshing green floral, with a lively mixture of tulip, jasmine, field grass, and white musk. Clean, Fresh and just fabulous.
FIG & MELONS-Enticingly sweet, but subtle fig mixed with mouthwatering melon -refreshing. AROMASCENT
FIG TEA AND CUCUMBER Wow- that was our first impression.The aroma of this delicate scent is so alluring.Fresh living cucumber and fruity green fig combine harmoniously , while warm and extremely subtle notes of tealeaves provide just the right hint of spice to balance the refreshing notes ever so gently. Soft musk envelops this one of a kind creation just enough to create a contemporary fragrance to admire and remember forever.
FLORIDA PINE-A scent of florida pines!
FLOWERING GARDEN-A floral blend of jasmine, Lily of the Valley and cyclamen with a hint of rose and a touch of violet.Relaxing. Like walking into an herbal garden.AROMASCENT
FORGET ME NOT-Smells like a fresh flower garden after a spring rain. Rich, soft floral tones that create a fresh clean fragrance
FRANGIPANI- This is one of the most beautiful scents. A fruity and floral blending of peach, grape and orange with jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang and lilac.AROMASCENT
FRANKINCENSE--A true frankincense. Earthy and just plain fabulous. AROMASCENT
FRANK-N-MYRRH- An exotic blend of Moroccan Rose, Egyptian Sandalwood, Madagascar Vanilla, East Indian Patchouli, A bouquet of Cedar, and underlined by Italian Orange, Spanish Cistus & a sweet musky background. AROMASCENT

FREESIA- A pretty floral beginning with fresh green accords, edging into a sweet fruity floral body and ending on a soft musky note and all kissed by the sun. The best Freesia on the market!!!
FRENCH VANILLA- Rich vanilla with hint of cream. One of the best vanilla's around.- smooth!
FRESH & CLEAN-Very Clean Floral- like clothes hung in the cool breeze of wild flowers.
FRESH PEAR-Cool and crisp. A bowl of fresh sliced pears.
FRESH CUT GRASS-Fresh cut lawn on a cool summers day. Very realistic. Crisp, Great for Odors.
FRESH CUT ROSE- Beautiful roses as they are picked- aromatic and beautiful.
FRESH SQUEEZED ORANGES- Fresh Ripe oranges squeezed and pitted :) Fabulous and Sharp
FROST BITE- A cool refreshing wintergreen mint. Think of snow covered mountains with a fresh and exhilarating mint breeze! AROMASCENT-SINUS HELPER
FRUIT SLICES -A rich, succulant blend of mixed fruit slices. Cool,sparkling fragrance.

GARDEN MINT-Earthy mint, not overpowering, but subtle, mixed with earthy patchouli, oakmoss for a cool grounded scent
GARDENIA-WHITE- A soft yet strong and true white gardenia aroma. A beautiful floral with a lively lift.AROMASCENT
GARLAND-The smells of fruit, berries and hints of pine and greenery brings this all togther. Fabulous, Festive, Clean.
GINGER-The sharp fragrant scent of fresh cut ginger plant. Very True!.
GINGER ALE-Fizzy and sparkling are the charteristics of this scent. Bubble and all!!
GINGERBREAD HEAVENYou can't resist the rich smell of fresh baked Gingerbread with molasses and delicious goodness all rolled into one!
GINGERBREAD SPICE-You can't resist the rich smell of fresh baked Gingerbread with all the perfect spices, molasses and delicious goodness all rolled into one! Our Gingerbread is a perfect addition all year or for your holiday celebrations.

GOOD FORTUNE-PEACE-Purple iris, white flowers, wisterias, lilies and violets.Relaxing as well as beautiful. Great Feng Shui. AROMASCENT FENG SHUI
GOOD FORTUNE-TRANQUILITY-Three different gardenias accented with lilies. Simply Beautiful. Great Feng Shui. AROMASCENT FENG SHUI
GRANDMA'S KITCHEN- Grandmothers favorites with touches clove, cinnamon and vanilla all swirled into one-spicy scent 
GRAPEFRUIT Fresh sliced dripping grapefruit- Bursting with flavor- Clean 
GRAPEFRUIT- FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH- Fresh grapefruit- combined with relaxing Frankincense and Myrrh. A great end to the busy day. AROMASCENT
GREEN APPLE SLICES- Sweet,sharp and all APPLE! This fragrance is like a fresh Green Apple picked right from the tree. Strong, Juicy and wonderful.
GREEN TEA (drink)- Green tea is Invigorating, and fabulous.
GREEN TEA(E.A.type)- This is a duplication of the e.arden scent. Green tea is Invigorating, and fabulous.
GREEN TEA CUCUMBER-BBW type-A green herbaceous bouquet with citrus and melon notes reminiscent of tea.AROMASCENT
GUAVA SUPREME- Guava, huckleberry and vanilla  -Succulent pink guava with undertones of huckleberry and hints of vanilla complete this island aroma
HANSEL & GRETELVanilla frosting, cinnamon sticks, toasted graham crackers, and juicy raisins splashed with sugar.
HAWAIIAN LEI- Deep rich Plumeria (the traditional Lei Flower), a beautiful fruit.Give the tradition of Aloha to everyone with this Fragrance.

HERSHEY CHOCOLATE- A chocolate lovers paradise- in a candle. Strong, true Hershey's-mmmmmmmm chocolatty!!
HILBILLY SPICED BREW- Don't let the name fool you-The aroma of country hot cider with woodsy notes of oak, cinnamon bark and cloves, with hints of wildberries.If you like spices then this is for you.
HOME FOR HOLIDAYS (Y-type)-A holiday favorite- Warm spices, hints of ginger, cinnamon, clove and apples. Great all year! 
HONEYDEW MELONS Tantalizing honeydew, dripping with juices- clean,fresh and wonderful. A favorite- .

HONEYSUCKLE - Fresh from spring -A fresh true honeysuckle growing wild on the tree.Succulent and sweet.
HOT APPLE PIE-There's nothing more American than homemade apple pie!  Fresh baked crust,piping hot from the oven. Yummmm!! Apples,crust and spices fill the air!
HOT BUTTERED RUM-Hot rum fragrance enhanced by the cream of butter toffee.....mmmmmmm!
HUCKLEBERRY MANIA- Juicy and sweet, with a hint of tartness. A surprisingly appealing and unusual tart scent that will blow you away with fragrance!
HYACINTH -fresh, white, clean, intense floral, and the quintessential scent of spring.True and Strong!
HYDRANGEA A strong flower scent.True!

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IRISH MOCHA- Sweet, deep and buttery chocolate with a touch of coffee and cream, a true cappuccino
ISLAND MANGOS-Delicious and full bodied. The crisp fruity scent of island mangos combine harmoniously with fruits of the region. Spectacular for floating candles and parties!
ISSEY MIAKE-(F)type - COMING SOON-True to the original fragrance.!
ISSEY MIAKE-(M)type - a sharp aquatic fragrance, this feminine scent from this designer possesses a blend of fresh water florals including lily and carnation.
J.PAUL GAULTIER (M) TYPEA passionate fragrance,begins with sharp, oriental, woody fragrance, mixed with warm fresh mint, deep lavender, orange blossom and hints of the woods.

JASMINE-BLOOMING Like walking through a new blooming field of jasmine, beautiful and strong
JASMINE CHAI TEA A smooth rendition of calming Jasmine, with the robust scent of chai tea combine in this delightful mix. Fabulous for meditation and haiku!AROMASCENT
JO MALONE-type This is a perfect reproduction of her signature scent The woody, green background is tinged with the freshness of pine, lavender and thyme, and the lovely softness of jasmine make this a beautiful scent.
JUNIPER BREEZE-BBW type- Like a clear northern wind filing your sails, this refreshing scent starts with a crisp floral bouquet of jasmine, rose, Lily of the Valley and violet. Softened by an undertone of fresh lime with fruity, subtle hints of apple, peach, pineapple and melon.
KS HONEYMOON ROMANCE - A truly romantic, passionate fragrance,begins with top notes of fresh ferns and water lilies. Middle notes of fresh rose petals, clove, french jasmine, and lilac, with a background of mysore sandalwood.(Kama Sutra)

LAVENDER- Finally a true and beautiful Lavender. classic Lavender- like the true lavender plant- Very Relaxing! AROMASCENT
LAVENDER CUCUMBER-The relaxing aroma of lavender combined with fresh cucumber -simply devine.AROMASCENT
LAVENDER SAGE-The relaxing aroma of lavender combined with fresh sage combine for a truly peaceful and relaxing time.AROMASCENT
LAVENDER SILK-Endless fields of classic French lavender in bloom on a spring day. This floral beauty is reminiscent of the true essential oil and its gorgeous soothing aroma captivates the soul..AROMASCENT
LEATHERJust like a trip to your local tack shop- real and true
LEMON PUCKER-slices- Fresh cut juicy lemon spills out of the rind on this one!Strong- a great Air freshner
LEMONGRASS SUPREME- Refreshing citrus with an earthy green note- great odor neutralizer.AROMASCENT
LEMONGRASS & SAGE [BBW type]- A citrus blend with hints of "green" notes on a background of fresh "ozone" and a drydown of flowers & musk.AROMASCENT
LICK ME ALL OVER-typeTHIS ONE IS TOO HOT! Exotic and seductive scent. Rich with notes of fruit and tropical paradise fill the alluring aroma of this trendy favorite. Raspberry, Melon, Citrus with a slight floral note.  
LILAC-Imgine a lilac tree in first bloom. This is a beautiful, fresh and bold scent. Sure to be a favorite of yours. 
LILY OF THE VALLEYA true and popular rendition of Lily of the valley- soft, well rounded and beautiful 
LOVE SPELL-type-A duplication of Victoria Secret's Love Spell. A sweet bouquet of mandarin, bergamot and orange enhanced by hints of peach and berries with an undertone of musk. 
MACINTOSH APPLE-Fresh red apple picked off the tree and sliced right there  juicy and plump.
MAGNOLIA With a light floral top note, followed by the wonderful citrus note, this fragrance gives you the absolute TRUE fragrance of the Magnolia Blossom. The Epitome of Southern Floral's!
MANGO & PAPAYA- Bold, fruity with a character all it's own. Combined with a few secret touches, this fragrance will soon be one of your favorites.
MANGO SUPREME- A basket full of plump fresh mango's. Not Island Mango
MARK JACOBS-type (F)a refreshing, aquatic floral, fresh gardenias floating on water, enhanced by creamy musks. lush. Wet. Perfect 

MEDITERRANEAN FIG-Trapp type-A perfect blending of ripe figs, not too sweet, not to tart, and exotic spices with a touch of cooling citrus.  An wonderfully exotic treat.
MELON MADNESS-A fresh combination of mouthwatering melons- crisp, refreshing and absolutely delightful.
MERLOT WINE- Velvety nuances of plums, apples, red raspberries & strawberries combine with a light alcoholic & spicy background.
MIDSUMMERS NIGHTt-type- Spicy bergamot, lavender, oak moss and woods- very sensual and inviting.What a man should smell like!
MISTLETOE -A perfectly fresh evergreen fragrance kissed by berries & a sprinkle of spice
MONKEY FARTS- Don't let the name fool you.Fresh bananas & juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi, juicy bubblegum, & strawberries; with a hint of vanilla.
MULBERRY- Mouth watering mulberry- fruity and sweet bursting with flavor.
MULBERRY RASPBERRY-type- Mouth watering mulberry-combined with tart raspberry for a fabulous fruity and tart scent bursting with flavor.
MULLED CIDERr- Spicy,intoxicating and a great winter warm up! Our mulled cider is full and fragrant, you can taste the spices and apples, the warmth of spices.
MULLED WINE- Bold burgundy wine Kissed by the oak barrel in perfect harmony 
MUM FLOWERS-A sharp clena scent. True to the crysanthimum .
NAG CHAMPA-An oriental bouquet of Musk and Patchouli with the sweetness of Sandalwood and Rose on an Orange Blossom background.AROMASCENT
NEROLI-(Designer type)-New orange blossom- This delightfully refreshing fragrance comes from the blossom of the orange tree! Neroli has been called an aphrodisiac. Its warm and sensuous fragrance is a welcome addition to many romantic encounters.AROMASCENT

OBSESSION- type (F)-A refreshing, oriental fragrance. Contains a blend of vanilla, amber, orange blossom, oakmoss & other oriental spices
OCEAN BREEZE- You feel as though you are sitting on the beach with the salty sea spray in your face.
OCEAN PIER1-type- A perfect dupe for the pier1 fragrance. Blend of hyacinth, rose, jasmine, jonquil, crisp greens and marigold.
OPIUM-Yves Saint Laurent-type- Classified as a refined, subtle, oriental fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of rose, carnation, sandalwood, pepper, lily of the valley and clove. (STRONG)
ORANGE BLOSSOM- The flower of an orange tree at first bloom. Aromatic. Invigorating. AROMASCENT

PAPAYA HEAVEN- Just as the name implies- full bodied papaya.Sweet and strong.
PASSIONATE KISSES-VS- A sweet fruity combination of orange, lemon peel & the crispness of bing cherries, kissed by jasmine & violets on a quiet musky background
PATCHOULI EMBERS- Patchouli and embers of the fire- not heady.
PATCHOULI -FRUITY- Juicy fruits combine with patchouli for a unique blend.
PATCHOULI -INDONESIAN- A wonderful patchouli blend- woody and smooth...
PEACH SUPREME- Like the juicy fresh peach pulp- mouth watering and sweet. A peach lovers delight! 
PEAR FRESH-This fragrance is sweet and divine.A true delightful pear.
PEARS & BERRIES-Fresh ripened pears mixed in with ripe berries  Tart, Refreshing.
PEPPERCORN- A warm woody spice with top notes of melon and clove leading to mid notes of nutmeg spice and lavender wood.  The bottom note is a rich vanilla with a touch of sandlewood.
PEPPERMINT (supreme)- Clean, cool, minty - a true peppermint and Santa's favorite after the sugar cookie! :)
PEPPERMINT ORANGE- Peppermint with a wonderful mix of oranges- uplifting and delightful-AROMASCENT
PEPPERMINT PATTY- Clean, cool, minty and lucious choclate -
PEPPERMINT SWIRL- Clean, cool, minty with creamy vanilla tones-
PINA COLADA- A blend of coconut, pineapple & almond and hints of vanilla. A summer Treat!
PINE TREE- Just as fresh and sharp as california pine forest. Not chemical!
PINEAPPLE PARADISE- A true pineapple fragrance. Juicy and sweet. WE love it!
PINK SUGAR (AQUOLINA-VS)type sweetness, sugary lemon drops and pink cotton candy. A fruity light floral middle of red fruit, fig leaves, caramel and raspberry rounds out with soft and sweet vanilla-musk base notes.
PLUMERIA-A visit to the islands of Hawaii is not complete without receiving the traditional Aloha (Welcome)of a Lei. Deep Plumeria (the traditional Lei Flower). Give the tradition of Aloha to everyone with this Fragrance (oil is slightly yellow so white is difficult)
POMAGRANATE- Sparkling top notes of pomegranate are enhanced with a touch of bergamot and nuances of cranberry, apple, and peach. Very upscale, and perfect for the holidays or anytime.

POMAGRANATE SAGE- Wonderful juicy pomegranate enhanced by green aromatic sage- Upscale,AROMASCENT
PUMPKIN BREADFresh pumpkin bread just out of the over. Good for selling homes, holidays etc.
PUMPKIN PIE SPICE -Pumpkin pie and spices. With a combination of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and spice rounded out with the fresh baked crust. A true delight

PUSSY-typeA european fragrance- that is sure to please. Spicy, warm oriental fragrance- this scent is semi-sweet, yet musky with a floral for added twist.!
RAIN WATER- white floral bouquet of carnation, lily and crisp white grapefruit. The heart is a radiant blend of jasmine, tuberose, cyclamen and violet. The base combines vanilla beans, East Indian sandalwood, rose crystals and long lasting sexy musk!
RASPBERRY- Tart and Fresh- Raspberrys at the peak of ripeness, bursting with the tart flavor.

RELAXATION-MEDITATION-Blends of Orange Oils, Peppermint, Geranium and Spearmint-AROMASCENT
ROMANCE- A truly romantic fragrance,semi spicy, refreshing, this scent is semi-sweet, yet lightly musky with a crisp floral for added twist! A Favorite!

ROSE PETALS-Sweet soft roses touched by rose powder-a brides favorite. Musky, soft, and sensuous.

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SAGE SUPREME-Succulent,smooth sage picked at peak of freshnes. A truly calming aroma with earthy,green sage.AROMASCENT
SANDLAWOOD- a musky,light perfume rendition of sandalwood.AROMASCENT
SANDALWOOD CLASSICA deep woods sandalwood. Like the mysor of old.BEST SELLER!

SATIN SHEETS- With base notes of white and dark chocolate, it smells almost edible! Other notes include violet, fresh jasmine, musk, blackberries, vanilla, and just a hint of fresh green top notes. (Kama Sutra)
SEX ON BEACH-DRINK- Finally one we truly love. This is just the right amount of fruit. Better than the drink!

SILVER FIR TREE- Clean and fresh with the scent of a silver fir tree- Pine. Reminds you of old fashioned christmas tree's
SINUS CANDLEEucalyptus,mint and a secret ingredient- makes this scent one of the best for stuffy noses.
SMOKE ELIMINATOR-- A fragrance for removing tobacco and pet ordors- Like fresh air. Clean with hints of citrus 
SMOKE OUT*-- Our fragrance for removing tobacco and pet ordors- Delightful mix of berries and oranges with hints of spiced cranberry 

SPEARMINT- A crisp rendition of a true spearmint. Minty and Fresh.This makes a great Sinus candle.
SPICED CRANBERRY- Plump cranberrys mixed with cinnamon spice-strong. A best seller year long
SPRING BLOSSOMSA floral blend of jasmine, Lily of the Valley and cyclamen with a hint of rose and a touch of violet.Relaxing. Like walking into an garden in spring.AROMASCENT
STORM WATCH-type-A popular y-type. Elusive, strong. Wet rain, thunderstorms and wind all part of this intoxicating scent. Best Seller.
STRAWBERRY- Sweet freshly picked strawberry's- rich and dripping with juice. Delightful
STRAWBERRY CHAMPAGNE- Fresh strawberries and champagne... without the bubbles. :)
STRAWBERRY WINE- Mouth watering  Strawberries mixed with a Bordeaux wine 
STRESS RELIEFPositively heaven-sent, As the worries and stress of everyday life get us down. get relief with this superbly balanced,calming blend of Lavender and Sage, touched with a hint of Peppermint and Star Anise. A lovely, soft scent that quiets the mind and invigorates the spirit. AROMASCENT
SUGAR COOKIES-type- Warm aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies with a touch of spices. Warm and inviting. Great for selling houses! 
SWEET PEA-BBW-A fragrance fresh and simple with delicate balances of inspiring notes to stimulate and fill the senses.AROMASCENT
TIBE BLACK TEA-Robust, spicy fragrance is made from slightly smokey smelling Tibetan Black Tea intensified by the woody base notes of dry coniferous trees. Hints of delicate white floral and herbal notes make this scent mystical and exotic. Wow!
TIDAL WAVELike riding a wave when the salt and air combine for a great ocean scent
TROPICAL GUAVA- Fresh ripe guava with hints of the tropics. Fresh
TULIP HAVEN- Clean & crisp, this floral scent is a blend of tulips, peonies and fresh green accords. Its natural beauty invokes memories of a sunny spring day!  
TWIGS & BERRIES- This fragrance is a very unique scent. With deep Woods and spice mixed with musk and Berries. Something different for the holidays.Fast becoming a favorite.A best seller
VERY SEXY-(F) VS type-- Vibrant and sensuous, it bursts with clementine and cactus flowers, vanilla, orchid, and blackberry. With a soft White Amber and Pimento finish. This is true to the designer scent. Sexy. Beautiful.
VIOLET BLOSSOMS-Fresh white florals lead into freesia and full bodied violets-STRONG AROMASCENT
WARM VANILLA SUGAR-Combination of sweet brown sugar, buttery vanilla with a soft hint of musk. Absolutely the best! Always a Best Seller!
WATER BLOSSOM IVY-This is a beautiful water Ivy scent. Just as the blossoms bloom with Jasmine, Ivy and cyclomen.
WATERMELON MANIA- Fresh succulent watermelon on a warm summer day. But no pits here! :) 
WEDDING DAY-A complex fragrance oil with top notes of pears & apricots flowing down to rose, balck orchids, ending with fresh ivy, sandalwood, & musk
WHITE GINGER & AMBER-Sophisticated but yet subtle this scent starts out with a musk and sandalwood bouquet that is enhanced with the subtle scent of wild jasmine.AROMASCENT
WHITE DIAMONDS -Elizabeth T.'s signature scent. Beautiful,and sexy.
WHITE LINEN (E.Lauder)-Created by Estée Lauder from white flower essences that reminded her of her grandmother's country garden in Hungary. Top notes of peach, citrus, and lily of the valley are followed by middle notes of jasmine, lilac, rose, hyacinth, orchid, ylang-ylang, with a dry down of amber, cedarwood, sandalwood, honey, and tonka bean.
WHITE TEA (BBW type)- Warm & full bodied with top notes of fresh lemon peel then enhanced with a slight exotic spice blend then topped off with hints of jasmine giving this scent a oriental fragrance without the heaviness AROMASCENT
WHITE TEA & GINGER[BBW type] -Warm & full bodied with top notes of fresh lemon peel then enhanced with a slight exotic spice blend then topped off with hints of jasmine giving this scent a oriental flavor.AROMASCENT
WHITE ZINFANDEL- Coool crisp wine- with a hint of the fruit!
WILD BERRY-The hint of freshly baked English scones with strawberry, coconut, raspberry, and blackberries. Scrumptious-Fruity
WINE & ROSES-A lovely blend of red wine & red roses- very sensual.
WILD PANSY'S-This is a fabulous scent - a field of pansy's- strong and very true!
WINE CELLAR-A musky wine combines with sweet red's and heavy whites - with a hint of the oak barrels
WINE & ROSES-A heady merlot- and soft rose makes this a one of kind scent
WINTERS FROST- Strong, wintergreen scent-with eucaluptus oils and hints of mint for an uplfting aroma. Can be used as a sinus opening candle.AROMASCENT
WITCHES BREW/DANCE*- A haunting mix of woods, spices-with patchouli, sandalwood and notes of the forest. Bewitching and unusual
YLANG YLANG- An exotic, powerful scent that is considered to be an aphrodisiac from the Malayan term meaning "flower of flowers.

ZEN/ZEN CHRISTMAS-Soft bright notes of fig, and green tea perfectly blended with siberian fir to round out the top and heart notes of this unique aroma. We added some traditional oriental notes of warm vanilla, jasmine and ylang ylang.AROMASCENT

Don't see your favorite- Please ask us we may have it! We also can mix your favorites for you! 
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Other AROMASCENT in bold after the fragrances-see AROMASCENT

All Essential Oils are 100% pure, USP undiluted. Before using EO candles please read  EO SAFETY

EUCALYPTUS EO =Bronchitis; Colds; Croup; Use as an inhalant for asthma, diphtheria, sore throats, sinus and respiratory problems.

ORANGE EO =Fresh sweet smelling orange. Relaxing,rejuvinating

THYME EO=Thyme Oil is an essential oil, meaning it contains the essence of thyme leaves.

LAVENDER EO= calms, releases, and balances strong emotions such as frustration, irritability, nervous anxiety, panic, hysteria and insomnia.

RELIEF-RELAXATION EO=Stress & Nervous Tension -- Use during times of stress and tension. Relieve stress and tension of the body, mind and spirit.(Ingredients: Jojoba oil, Black Spruce, Mandarian-orange and other essential oils)


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