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Elemental and Feng Shui Candles

Feng Shui Candle Information-(POP UP)

bagua compass
Feng Shui Sets come with LUCKY I CHING COIN (ONE PER SET). I Ching Coins have been used for centuries as amulets to attract wealth and ward of evil and disease. I Ching Coins represent the element metal and symbolise wealth- PLACE IN WEALTH SECTOR OR WEAR AS AMULET OR IN POCKET- FOR PERSONAL PROSPERITY.

Essential Oils are included in the feng shui fragrances.See EO Safety-Opens new window.
Set Include's a paper bagua for determining the placement of the Feng shui-Elemental candles.
We will also include details about Feng shui and cures.
Check Out our Pyramid Candle Great for Feng Shui!

WATER Element -North BLUE
EARTH Element - North East TAN/PALE ORANGE
FIRE Element - South RED
WOOD Element - East GREEN
METAL Element -West WHITE

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Individual Feng Shui

Fengshui candle 30 to 35 hr. burn each
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Feng Shui Individuals
35 Hr. Burn
As Shown$4.50

Choose Type FengShui

Fengshui-5 set-60 to 65 hr. burn each
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NEW Square Feng Shui Single
8oz EACH 65 Hr. Burn
As Shown$7.00

Choose Type FengShui


Fengshui-5 set-30 to 35 hr. burn each
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Feng Shui 5 Element Set
35 Hr. Burn



Fengshui + career-35 hr. burn
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Feng Shui Set + Career
35 Hr. Burn Each
As Shown


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